Weekly Gatherings @ The Flightdeck & In Your Area

Still time to join us before the blast
Join us tomorrow for the Great Pumpkin Blast!!
Men, Join us on January 14th, 3pm-8pm 
for the biggest Christmas Tree Bonfire Yet!!! #ForgeCTB 

Visit: theforgefire.com to register & get more info!!!

"Is any pleasure on earth as great as a circle of Christian friends by a fire?” - C.S. Lewis

Since 2015 - we have been hosting Christmas Tree Bonfires at The Forge and you are invited to the circle! What man doesn’t love great food, good fellowship, amazing hospitality, and blowing stuff up?
Really, when will we ever get the chance to do this again?

We GET to watch a Forged in Fire episode WITH the winner — The only Father & son duo in the world in the room with us… Live commentary, smoked meats, laughter…

Tonight @ 6:30PM @ The Flight Deck: The long-awaited showing of Jojo’s  Forged-in-Fire victory!

We’ll have the Father & Son Dynamic Duo, together, w/ hand-crafted smoked brisket from Billy Brink = a righteous time!

Let’s celebrate this great story, with our beloved brothers, together!
What have you been reading lately?

We’ve been discussing #resilient on Thursday Evenings. Lots of good discussion & questions have been coming out those times. 

Want to join us? You’re Invited!
Every Thursday 6:30pm - 9pm 
Right here on the Forge Flight-Deck
- No need to own the book, although you won’t regret picking it up #suchagoodbook 

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#holysmokes #mensgroup #biblestudy #westernnc #menbeingmen #youbelong #youhavewhatittakes #zowehallies
We are looking forward to joining our @zowehallies Billy @yellowroseforge this Saturday! #redeemedsteel #hammerin #familyfriendly
THIS Thurs. PM: DON’T miss Commercial Pilot Jeff Andrechyn speaking at The Flight Deck starting @ 6:30pm. #youbelong #yourinvited #forgefire 

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself, “What makes you come alive?” Because what the world needs - are men who have come alive.” 
― John Eldredge
Join @zowehlife & us tonight, Rain 🌧 or shine, for a REUNION & Special Filming of some of your stories for the upcoming resource The Battle Plan! Tonight Starting at 5:30pm! #zowehallies #bringachair
We are excited for #heartofawarrior  Our Last shuttle from the flight deck arrived about 5:24 PM in Goshen for @zowehlife @zowehallies

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